orc Name Generator

Our AI powered name generator will offer orcish names for your character. Choose your gender and hit generate!

Create Your Orc Name

The orc name generator is free to use and will generate names that sound true orcish. Use this tool to create your own! If you want to generate unique names regardless of your race, try our AI Name Generator for refreshing results.

This orc name generator contains many different names, suitable for different worlds and classes. With this tool, you can choose the right name for your character.

All you need to do is click ''Generate Name'' and wait for the result. Choose the name you like, copy it, and use it as the first line of your RPG character.

Best Orc Character Names

Orc names are usually derived from the Lord of the Rings and other various universes. The most popular orc names differ from Anglo-Saxon and Latin and include hard syllables, sounding eastern and tribal.

Legends say that Orcish names are composed of three syllables. The first syllable is the orc's given name, the second syllable is their clan name, and the third syllable is usually a nickname given to them at birth or earned later in life. While this generator usually generates 2 syllables, we suggest adding a 3rd after your victorious achievements

The orcish language has no written form so many orcs have names in English or Latin letters.